Where Kingston Comes Alive!

Where art meets town hall.  An open studio gallery where “guests” model for a portrait session.   It is an opportunity for the public to watch a portrait come to life & to meet interesting people with a story to tell.


PLEIN AIR “LIVE”@55Brock is an open-air studio gallery where artists of various disciplines perform.

Most impressive are the portraits created live of musicians, re enactors, local celebrities & reps from charities, businesses & organizations.

Interaction between the artists, models, and the public is encouraged.  

Live music enhances the creative atmosphere while helping local musicians promote their work.  Local art is displayed and sales go directly to the artists.

Collaboration is ongoing with Martello on Brock, BonEvents, AB3 Comedy, Portrait Artists Group and various charities

PLEIN AIR”LIVE” 2020 was a joint effort  between myself, General Brock’s Commissary  and the city of Kingston as a response to the pandemic’s negative effect on businesses,  artists and performers.

Impressed, the city has awarded an annually recurring permit starting 2021.  So now we are busy preparing for this seasons’ guests & visitors.  Artists are painting new works & booking interesting guest models.  And a big thank you to our host General Brock’s Commissary working at stocking up local craft foods and goodies. 

We invite you to visit 55Brock, Kingston’s Creative Corner!


It only took a few weeks to realize how great this venture could be.  People fed on the artistic energy emanating from our creative corner and were thirsty for more.  (the very  thirsty lapped up ice cream and drinks from GBC!). Too soon the season was over and then we waited for the city’s response for 2021.

The City is enthusiastic and plans to incorporate our Plein Air Live patio as part of the “Love Kingston Marketplace” promotion in 2021 and future years. So now serious planning has begun for making PLEIN AIR LIVE @55 Brock a more permanent venue with an open-air structure that is removeable at the end of the season.  We had 3 pop up tents damaged by wind and rain last year; in addition, 3 hours daily were required for set up and take down. The permanent structure will not only save this time and work, but it will be able to meet COVID safety guidelines, and withstand the weather, suit the needs of a model stand and artist work area with display area and extra space for guest artists.

The city is supplying live potted plants and the permit.  GBC is hosting the space, at no charge to the artists which is absolutely philanthropic & we, the artists, can only say a humble thank you to Chris & Cindy Shelley.  Joanne is supplying the easels, stools, tables; Cindy is doing the custom sewing (ie awnings, signage) ;  Dave Gervais from Old School Builders will supply labour  for construction. Joanne is also responsible for creating the signage and notice boards announcing the day’s agenda such as who is posing, which artists are present, etc. 

But this venture is cash strapped as far as getting construction materials and supplies for completing the “Open-Air Artist Studio Gallery.”  This is where fundraising and donations can be of great assistance.

As we do not charge the artists or the public, or for the portraits that are freely given to the scheduled models, all funding relies on sales from the modest display of artworks.   We are beginning the year with a $zero budget but with much of the logistics already in place.  This venture will go with or without help, BUT with help it will be a much more presentable, permanent & a COVID-safe space.  Much more time will be dedicated to the daily creative workings of PLEIN AIR LIVE and not spent putting up and tearing down temporary tents & equipment!


55 Brock St. Kingston, ON K7L 1R8

Plein Air

55 Brock St. Kingston, ON K7L 1R8